Kardinia Park Stadium Trust

The Brief: 
A collaboration with Deakin University to create a visual identity for the newly established Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (KPST)—an entity tasked with the development, management and promotion of Geelong's world-class sporting and events stadium.

The Solution:
Being a significant and highly visible project, the process was lengthy and involved many people, many directions, and much creative exploration and collective input. It was a real honour to be the first graphic designer to brand something so iconic and meaningful in my hometown of Geelong.

The KPST logo is inspired by the visually striking light towers around the ground, and the claw structures along the Reg Hickey Stand. The mark reflects dynamism and excitement, movement, convergence, expansion and progression. The colour palette deliberately avoids the stereotypical blues associated with Geelong and the Cats AFL team. Orange and yellow were used for two reasons. Firstly: they're the colours most opposite to blue—creating an attention-grabbing new visual style. Secondly: it's a reference to the origin of the word 'Kardinia', derived from the Wadawurrung word 'Kardineeyo', meaning 'rising sun' or 'morning sun'. The typography, set in iconic Futura, calls upon Geelong's hardworking industrial heritage. It all ties into creating a true and meaningful sense of place.

It says to the world, "We are here." It says to the people of Geelong, "Welcome home."

The accompanying stationery is clean, professional and functional, whilst continuing the excitement of the vibrant new colour palette.

The Website: (developed by a third party)

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Logo
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Logo Reversed
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Business Cards
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Stationery
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Style Guide

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